So You Know

by City Of Stars

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released July 14, 2013



all rights reserved


City Of Stars Belfast, UK

Hey. How's it going? We're an indie-pop band from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Here's a free EP of our tunes. Put it in your ears.

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Track Name: So You Know
You said you needed space
And time to get your head in place
Well that’s okay
One week you had your time
I think it’s time I was getting mine
Cause two can play

Keep calling up on the phone
Bet you thought I’d come running
If you think I’m crying alone
You got another thought coming

We’re gonna party like woah
Turn up the speakers let’s go
I’m feeling fine tonight
Put em up I’m gonna fight
So you know

Won’t be kept waiting around
When I hit the ground I just start running
Call up all of my friends
And we hit the club and bring the fun in
Need time to mess around
But I’m not a toy and I’m not playing
My perfect memory of you and me is already fading
Track Name: Don't Leave
Could you please take off your coat
Put down your shoes
What’s behind that door is so much to lose
Baby lay your head to rest
Lay your arms across my chest

Wish I could hold you
How you want and how you need
But I’m still just a child
Who needs her sleep
And just to walk these city streets
And watch the night set on repeat

Don’t leave
Baby come back to me
Don’t leave
My heart is still between your teeth

I was never much good at loving someone else
It’s hard to give when you can’t love yourself
I was broken before you called
With your smile and some glue and you fixed it all

I’ve waited a long time by myself
Track Name: Money
You ever see someone so, so sick
Care about how much is in their wallet?
All they want is to survive

You ever see someone who’s lost a loved one
Care about how much is in their pocket?
All they want is them alive

Cause if all you care about in life is money
Then you’ve got a lot to learn

See I’m out living my dream
And I’m doing everything I want to do
And I ain’t got no money

See I’m out living my dream
And I’m being everything I want to be
And I ain’t got no money

Love is all you need
Well family they come for free
What more do you need
When you got all that kind of company?
Track Name: You're Not One To Give Up
Maybe one day you’ll feel the same for me
And your heart will love mine endlessly
And realise that nothing will come between
Cause you’ve got my heart so just throw away the key

Don’t turn your back on love
When the world walks out you’ll always have us
Everything could fall down and burn
But we’d still be standing so solid and so firm

You say I’m dreaming but I’m only for believing
And sometimes it’s hard but we just keep on winning
Every battle that’s ever thrown at us
Well we’d win them all cause you’re not one to give up

It takes a little to love it takes a lot to let it go